Traveling as a passion snuck up on me a bit, but being a traveler is definitely in my soul. About ten years ago, I became a traveler when I took off on my first real out-of-the-country vacation with a friend to Jamaica. That was the first time I had to get my passport. It didn’t get used again for a few more years. But now that I’ve started traveling for adventure, all I can think about is my next trip. 

Pic of me on top of the mountain
  The end of the Inca Trail after 4 days of hiking

I’ve been fortunate to travel to different parts of the world several times now. I’ve found that I’m in a unique niche of traveler- I’m not just out of college on a world-trip before “beginning adult life.” I’m not retired, and I don’t live a nomadic life right now (who knows what the future holds, but for now I love my home and I don’t think my pup would enjoy airplane travels).  I enjoy traveling to remote areas of the world where quiet reigns and wildlife and nature are the big attractions rather than spending time in big cities. Put me in the water or on a mountain and I’m a happy traveler. 

Me at the Charles Darwin Research Station
Welcome to the Charles Darwin Research Station

Now, I typically travel solo but hook up with an expedition. I get to enjoy the parts of traveling that I love without the parts I don’t. For instance, I get to plan my where and when, but once I get there, someone else takes care of most of the planning, leaving me to just show up and enjoy. Spending time with local guides – and, where possible, the locals –  and learning about their world is one of the best parts of traveling, in my opinion. 

swimming underwater over rocks
              My happy place is in the water

My real passion while traveling is to see the world around me, to take in the sights (and sites), sounds, and smells and to enjoy the sun and breeze. Seeing new wildlife, making friends, and saying yes to all the adventure along the way are my top goals. 




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