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View of a hiker on top of a mountain

There was a long time where I did not feel like writing anything at all. Maybe it’s because I write so much for work or because my computer was so slow or because I wasn’t inspired- pick your favorite excuse.

One day I was reading an article and noticed that it was easy to write and submit your own articles – so I did sort of as a lark. I didn’t want to write about travel (except I did, sort of, but only once).

Elephant Journal is an awesome website with articles on tons of different topics.  It’s where I first submitted articles. If you’d like to follow me there (much appreciated!), here’s my page: Danielle’s Profile Page.

I’ll link the articles here, too.

It’s weird- one of these I wrote in 20 minutes without much thought to the flow. Others I re-read a few times; mostly I just wrote and sent. But I experimented a lot. I’m kind of glad I can’t go back and edit them because I would like to and sometimes you have to just write and move on.

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2 Words to Bring us Back to Ourselves

Yes, I am Strong. But I Still Need You.

How Suicidal Thoughts Can Wake Us Up & Force Us to Grow

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